Energy-Management Software Includes Dashboard Options

Building Suite 3 is designed to provide building owners with a solution that creates energy awareness of their green initiatives. This front-end software for building automation systems and energy management combines Envision for BACtalk and WEBtalk software as well as the engineering tools VisualLogic and BACtalk Builder. The latest release of this software includes enhancements to BACtalk Builder and VisualLogic, as well as improved reporting capabilities, a new software licensing platform, and an optional energy dashboard with configuration tools. Building owners can quickly update and maintain their building’s energy-management dashboard and use it to support their efforts to increase energy efficiency, including providing up-to-the minute information about the building’s energy use and even raising awareness of a tenant’s own energy consumption and demand. Building owners can define a variety of dashboard data to display, including information from as many as 50 buildings, with views of consumable resources such as electricity, gas, oil, and water. Users may also configure the dashboard to show web-integrated weather and forecast data, green facts, building directory information, campus maps, real-time traffic, advertising and other facility-specific information. —Alerton

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