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Join HPAC Engineering Mechanical Systems Week in September

Mechanical Systems Week 2012—the National HVACR, Hydronics, and Plumbing Seminar and Product Showcase—will provide the knowledge and information owners and managers of contracting firms, as well as building/facility owners/operators, need to run their businesses more efficiently, effectively, and economically.

Sessions on business management, service management and sales and marketing are designed to help owners and managers of contracting firms run their businesses better and more efficiently. In addition, this mega-event will showcase the latest products and equipment from a wide range of HVAC and plumbing suppliers, including some of the industry’s leading controls companies.

While the conference sessions are geared toward owners and managers of mechanical contracting firms, they will also be relevant to building and facility owners/operators. Technical sessions specific to each of the three disciplines (HVACR, hydronics and plumbing) will also be offered.

A product showcase will feature equipment and products of interest to anyone involved in the design, installation, maintenance and operation of HVACR, hydronics and plumbing equipment for commercial and/or residential buildings

Powered by HPAC Engineering, and CONTRACTOR magazines, Mechanical Systems Week will be held September 19-21, 2012, in Schaumburg, IL.

Over the next few months, you’ll find information on Mechanical Systems Week 2012 in this newsletter, as well as in the pages of HPAC Engineering and online at We hope to see you in Schaumburg!

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