Lessons for Facility Managers From the Amazon Alexa iStock/Thinkstock

Lessons for Facility Managers From the Amazon Alexa

In this blog post, Varun Nagaraj, President and CEO of Sierra Monitor Corporation, talks about how innovations in the consumer sector will force building management system vendors to up their game.

If the Amazon Alexa with Echo can control all the smart technology in a home through voice activation, Nagaraj asks, why can't the system be done just as easily for larger, more complex facilities? From his blog:

Device and system manufacturers need to turn their electro-mechanical devices into smart devices with a cloud presence. Facility manager should insist that their vendors have this capability. Doing so, in effect, forcing every vendor to provide an app, is good not only for the facility manager, but for all the vendors as well, because it greatly improves the vendor’s ability to continue to add value to the facility manager with better service and operational insights.

Read the entire piece on the Sierra Monitor site.


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