LonMark-Certified Programmable Controllers

ECL series programmable controllers use LonWorks 2.0 technology, including the new FT-5000 Neuron from Echelon, providing fast operating speeds and high functionality. These LonMark-certified products offer a robust, powerful, and feature-rich hardware platform. The ECL Series includes a wide range of models, allowing system integrators and consulting engineers to select the most appropriate controller to cost-effectively address any application requirement.The launch of the ECL Series follows the introduction of Distech Controls’ BACnet ECB Series in June 2010. With a common hardware platform and programming toolset, both product lines provide flexibility and efficiency at installation, helping to reduce overall project cost. In addition, energy efficient control sequences built into the controllers automatically deliver maximum energy efficiency and optimized equipment operation. The ECL Series supports Distech Controls’ industry-leading Allure EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor. The line also features embedded wireless communication capabilities enabled via the Open-to-Wireless wireless receiver module, offering building owners agility and flexibility, while optimizing tenant comfort. —Distech Controls

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