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Communications module

The SlotServer ControlLogix BAS communications interface is a flexible communications module that can be configured to communicate with protocols found in the FieldServer Technologies library. The module is recognized as an input/output module by ControlLogix and has access to processor memory for data transfer between a processor and the module. Most protocols allow two-way communication between a module and foreign device.
FieldServer Technologies
Circle 120

Ethernet switch selector

The Ethernet switch selector helps determine the most useful switch to employ in an application. The selector covers applications requiring five-port-unmanaged to 24-port-managed switches with copper or copper-plus-fiber models. The selector answers deployment questions on various topics, including temperature range, port count, multimode or single-mode fiber, connectors, dimensions, and mounting.
Contemporary Controls
Circle 121

Fan-coil-unit controllers

The ECC-PFCU series of fan-coil-unit controllers manage space temperature for equipment with up to four stages of cooling or heating, two floating valves, and up to three fan speeds. The controllers offer humidity control, including a dehumidification cycle. They can be powered by a supply range of 85 to 265 VAC without an external transformer. With six universal inputs, the controllers support digital, voltage, and thermistor inputs and currents beginning at 4-20 mA with an external resistor.
Distech Controls
Circle 122

System-integration-solutions brochure

A brochure from Trane describes how the company's control system can become an integration platform, translating custom or proprietary communications to the open standard protocols of BACnet, LonTalk, and Modbus RTU. A two-page diagram shows how these protocols can connect different pieces of equipment. The brochure lists the different types of equipment and systems that can be integrated into one of the company's systems, including building-automation, electrical, and laboratory systems and security, HVAC, and lighting-control equipment.
Circle 123

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