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New Products

Multizone controller
The intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is a mutlizone controller with a 10.4-in. LCD color touchscreen. The controller can manage up to 512 indoor-unit groups (1,024 indoor units) when used with the iTM Plus adapter. Standard features include Web access, error e-mail, and visual-navigation-floor-plan functionality. The iTM has an available presetting tool for easy offsite configuration and comes equipped with a USB flash-drive port for uploading and downloading configuration data.
—Daikin AC

Configurable controllers
Stryker controllers are configurable and application-specific for use in variable-air-volume and unitary HVAC systems. Based on proven Spyder hardware technology, these controllers meet many sequence and control strategies, including humidity, discharge air, modulating fan, and carbon dioxide. Each controller is programmable and configurable using Honeywell WEBs-AX. Stryker is LonMark 3.4 certified and can communicate with any building system, regardless of specification. Standing alone or on a WEBs platform, Stryker can function with existing sensors and the Zio or Zio Plus wall module.

Dual-room controller
The FMS1650 controller can display pressure in two spaces simultaneously. The full-color touchscreen allows operators to easily discern room state at a glance by connecting a single FMS1650 to two room-pressure sensors. All FMS1650s are fully networkable to popular building-automation systems, including LON and BACnet. The controller provides four analog and digital inputs and four analog outputs and relay outputs.

Communicating sensor
The Allure EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor is designed to interface with Distech Controls’ BACnet ECB Series and LonWorks ECL Series controllers. Its innovative ECO-Vue leaf pattern graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to promote an occupant’s energy-conscious behavior.
—Distech Controls

Commercial thermostat with wi-fi
The Skyport wi-fi key app for the ColorTouch commercial thermostat connects to Skyport Cloud Services and enables remote control, monitoring, and troubleshooting of up to 100 locations from anywhere with a wi-fi, 3G, 4G, or internet connection. The app allows for easy monitoring and control of comfort settings at multiple buildings and office locations. Monitoring capabilities include room temperature, supply-air temperature, outdoor-air temperature, run-time hours, and more. Also, the app enables scheduling of occupied and unoccupied periods.

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