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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Programmable controllers
ECL-600 Series microprocessor-based programmable controllers are designed for a wide variety of HVAC systems, such as air-handling units, chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, and central-plant applications. They can be custom programmed using the EC-gfxProgram graphical programming interface. The controllers have received the LONMARK Static Programmable Device certification. When combined with the ECx-400 Series I/O extension modules the ECL-600 Series can be extended to control a total of 76 points, allowing the controllers to meet most medium- to large-application requirements.
—Distech Controls
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Differential-pressure switch
The Series 1831 differential-pressure switch with manual reset is designed to eliminate common problems associated with high-duct-static-cutout installations. It requires no power to drive its outputs, eliminating the need for a separate power loop and its associated wiring and conduit. Both control contacts activate simultaneously, so the lead switch shutting down the fan and preventing the lag switch from sending an alarming signal to the direct digital control no longer is a probable system liability.
—Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Airflow stations
GreenFlow GF-2200-A airflow stations provide economical instrumentation using advanced thermal-dispersion technology for NIST-traceable airflow and temperature measurement up to 3,000 fpm (model dependent), and from -20° to 160° F. The GF series’ accuracy and programmable alarm capabilities assist in capturing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality.
—GreenTrol Automation Inc
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Building-management solution
Panoptix is designed to expand on existing building-management technology and make improved building efficiency accessible to a broader market. It includes four key components: an open-technology platform designed to make collecting and managing data from disparate building systems and other data sources easy, a suite of cloud-hosted building-efficiency applications that work with any building management system, online and telephone technical support and on-site building and energy services, and an online community of peers and experts. Panoptix features a software-as-a-service subscription that allows users to choose only the applications they require and that presents critical energy and performance information through an easy-to-use interface.
—Johnson Controls
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Controller and sensor
FlexStat is an integrated BACnet controller and temperature sensor with optional humidity, occupancy, and CO2-sensing. The new onboard CO2 sensing option makes the device suitable for demand-control ventilation or green-building projects. The controller and sensor has built-in programming for control of common mechanical equipment, but is fully programmable for other uses.
—KMC Controls
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CO2 room units
Series 2200 CO2 room units are designed to work with the APOGEE building-automation system and BACnet programmable terminal equipment controllers. The units include sensing-only and fully interactive models. The line includes options for zone-level CO2,- temperature-, and humidity-sensing variants and elements. On display models, a 96-by-64 pixel graphical organic light-emitting-diode display alternately indicates zone CO2, temperature, humidity, and/or day/night operation status. A plug-in human-machine interface port is standard.
—Siemens Building Technologies
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