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Taking care of a roof in anticipation of a tough winter is necessary (Photo by John Normile/Getty Images)
<p>Taking care of a roof in anticipation of a tough winter is necessary.</p>

Roof Maintenance Essential to Take on Winter Storms

When you manage a building, there’s enough to worry about during a winter storm without being concerned that the roof might collapse. This is why year-round maintenance of your building’s roof is essential. Multiple managers in Massachusetts found this out the hard way, according to

According to the website, three roofs caved-in in the New England area this week after winter storms hammered the area.

Officials in Rockland, Massachusetts, say a building at 333 Weymouth St. collapsed Monday morning and that the occupants of the building made it out with no injuries.

Mike Scolaro, one of eight people inside the United HVAC Sheet Metal Contractor building, said workers heard and felt the building beginning to give way. "It sounded like the roar of a jet engine. It just kind of came down really slow, then, boom, crashed. Like it was in slow motion."

Don’t let this happen to your building. Take care of your roof year round and know what its limits are during the brutal storms of winter.

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