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Schneider Electric Expands Program for Building of Smart Facilities

The Proficient Program provides tools, education, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Schneider Electric, specialist in energy management and automation, today announced it has expanded its Proficient Program to provide access to resources to help building professionals design and build smart, high-performance facilities that utilize the latest building technologies.

The Proficient Program provides tools, education, and peer-to-peer collaboration needed to navigate market changes, identify best practices, and speed the delivery of innovative solutions.

“The building-management landscape is changing rapidly with advances in mobile and cloud-based technologies as well as the Internet of Things,” Jim Sandelin, senior vice president, EcoBuildings, Schneider Electric, said. “But today’s building designers and consulting engineers are challenged to keep up with these changes and take full advantage of implementing new technology into their building projects. We are proud to share our market expertise and provide resources to educate our partner community so that they can deliver innovative, tailored solutions that better serve the needs of their customers, the building owner.”

Members of the Proficient Program receive access to:

  • Experts on demand: Access to more than 100 certified system integrators who can provide expert guidance, insights, and industry updates via phone, chat, Web, and e-mail. Members also can request a companywide lunch-and-learn presentation on a specific topic or solution.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration: the opportunity to collaborate engineer to engineer on the design, application, and specification of integrated building-management systems.
  • Drawing and design resources: Access to design documents for building management, energy management, and security, as well as solutions specific to healthcare, hotels, and education.
  • Systems-integrator locator: help in finding a certified systems integrator to partner on building-management and efficiency projects.
  • Continuing education: the opportunity to earn continuing-education credits and professional-development hours by attending interactive workshops and webinars.

Designed to learn from member activity, the online Proficient portal provides customized content based on individuals’ areas of interest. Content covers a wide variety of topics, including smart-building design, power quality and metering, network connectivity, fault detection and diagnostics, and energy codes.

To learn more about and to register for the Proficient Program, click here, or contact your local Schneider Electric representative.

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