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Phone: 1-866-505-7173 (toll free)

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FAX: 1-847-763-9673

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Phone: 1-866-505-7173 (toll free)

or 847-513-6022 (outside the U.S.)

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FAX: 1-847-763-9673


Penton Reprints

E-mail: mailto:[email protected]

Phone: 1-877-652-5295

Postal/email List Rentals

Justin Lyman

Online Marketing Manager

[email protected]

Phone: (913) 967-1377

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Business Development Team

VP & Market Leader Energy & Buildings

Linda Reinhard

Sales Director

Mike Hellmann

Digital Director

Angie Gates

Marketing Manager

Jennifer Ray

Audience Development

Sonja Cheadle

General Inquiries

[email protected]

Content Team

Executive Editor

Scott Arnold


Robert Mader

Sales Team

Sales Director

Mike Hellmann

Account Manager North Central

Chris Casey

(847) 274-5476

Account Manager East & Northeast

Chris Goldsholl

(404) 834-6180

Account Manager South & West

Randy Jeter

(512) 263-7280

Key Account Manager

John Ehlen

(612) 669-7582

Account Manager

Dave Kenney

(216) 931-9725

Event Sales

Sam Posa

(913) 515-6604

List Rentals and Audience Extension

Justin Lyman, Penton SmartReach

[email protected]



Wright's Media

Phone: (877) 652-5295

[email protected]

Business Contacts

Events Director

Florence Torres

Print Production Manager

Susan Poskins

Online Ad Operations

Elizabeth Barnabei


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For subscription questions, please call 1-866-505-7173 (toll free) or 847-513-6022 (outside the U.S.)