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USGBC: CEO Resets 2020 Mission

April 9, 2020
"NOW IS THE TIME... to be mindful of others and to emphasize compassion," writes Mahesh Ramanujam.

This letter was posted by USGBC CEO Mahesh Ramanujam on March 23, 2020...

At times like these, I am tempted to say how precious human life is and how fragile our world can be. But the truth is, we have never seen anything like this. Our strength and humanity has been tested throughout history, but what is unfolding around us will undoubtedly reveal new vulnerabilities and challenge our adaptability in unthinkable ways. And for many, these setbacks will feel insurmountable.

Here at USGBC, we already spend the better part of our days talking about the need for our society to be more resilient. And now, in the midst of a pandemic, we have the opportunity to help each other by sharing our best practices and our resilient behaviors with communities all around the world.

For 26 years, we’ve worked hard together to build USGBCGBCI, and LEED up to where they are today. And with the full support of our Boards of Directors and our members, this is the time for each and every one of us to focus on living the values of our organization.

Our vision for the future is stronger than ever. The global foundation for sustainability that we have cemented in place is indestructible. And even in the midst of an unprecedented global public health crisis, I have no doubt that the equity all of us have built over the past generation will endure.


We have strategically adapted to the current crisis by prioritizing stability over uncertainty and steadiness over anxiety. We have prioritized mindfulness and self-reflection and have given our organization and community a chance to be safe and still and to come together under the common banner of humanity.

Now is also the time to be mindful of others and to project the stability and compassion that our organization embodies.

Now is the time to focus on prioritizing the health of our families and loved ones, and to help a neighbor in need.

Now is the time for gratitude and generosity to our children and elders, to those on the front lines of medical care across the globe, to those in the service industries who work selflessly on our behalf, and to those who suddenly find themselves without work or a steady income.

Now is the time to reach out to one another, even if only for words of encouragement or to make it all a little less lonely. While flattening the curve, we can remain committed to ensuring our bonds to one another are tighter than ever before.

I know that we will recalibrate and recover from this moment, and that we will carry valuable lessons forward into a healthier, more sustainable future. And I hope that everyone will hold hope in their hearts and know that we will emerge a stronger organization and community in the weeks and months ahead.

With gratitude,