9 Tips for Protecting Commercial Buildings from Fire in the Coldest Months

Brrr. The winds are starting to get that vicious snap. The sidewalks are becoming a bit icier. If it hasn’t already come to your city, snow is likely only days away.

With talks of the polar vortex and winter coming to a city near you, building managers should not forget about fire safety during the coldest months of the year. While it may be easy to forget, fire is just as, if not more, likely during wintertime.

According to statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration, winter residential building fires average $1.7 billion in losses every year, not to mention 945 deaths and 3,825 injuries. The leading cause of winter building fires is cooking, followed by electrical malfunctions.

Commercial buildings aren’t immune from disaster, as most offices now feature the comforts of home, such as kitchens, heaters and plenty of old (and possibly outdated) electrical wiring. The National Fire Protection Association said there were 102 firefighter deaths in the line of duty when fighting commercial building fires in 2007, according to Fire Engineering. Keeping your building fire-free is truly a life-or-death situation.

Before the cold weather starts truly bearing down on us, take a look at these nine tips for protecting your building from a disastrous fire this winter.

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