Remember to account for fire risks during the holidays (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)
<p>Remember to account for fire risks during the holidays.</p>

Putting up Office Holiday Decorations? Keep Safety in Mind

Christmas trees, holiday lights and other decorations help make the holidays what they are. We want to celebrate this happy time of year and make an office atmosphere cheerful, but also must be cognizant of the fire risks. If you’re a building office manager or owner, let your tenants know some tips for fire safety during the holidays.

The Boston Globe spoke with Boston Fire Department Fire Marshal Stephen Coan, who gave some tips for avoiding dangerous fire situations during the holidays. Coan said most tree fires are caused by electrical problems with the lights or having the tree too close to a heat source.

 Water the tree every day. To help the tree absorb more water, cut one or two inches off the bottom before placing it in the stand.

 Place the tree and decorations away from heat sources, such as heaters, fireplaces, and candles.

Read more on the Globe’s website and always be cognizant of where your decorations are placed during the holiday season.

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