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Four Real-World Ways Wireless Tools Change the Game

March 6, 2023
Smart HVACR tools and applications are making work faster and smarter, while also allowing technicians to enjoy much greater precision in diagnosing and repairing a system.

From the Fieldpiece blog...

The advances made with wireless tools are some of the most exciting in our industry in a long time. Smart HVACR tools and applications like the Job Link® System App and family of tools are making work faster and smarter, while also allowing technicians to enjoy much greater precision in diagnosing and repairing a system.

Here are four ways smart tools are changing the game:

1. See the big picture

Since wireless tools offer seamless connections between digital manifolds, manometers, clamp meters and even scales, they allow technicians on a jobsite to see the big picture view of the system. Right from their mobile device, they see all the necessary data points to make a diagnosis—from superheat and subcooling to refrigerant pressure and more. This helps techs troubleshoot the system quickly and problem-solve with greater accuracy by bringing together disparate pieces of data to show how various adjustments impact performance.

2. There's an app for that

The latest wireless HVACR tools, like those in the Job Link® System, work with apps on most iPhone and Android mobile devices. There’s no need for technicians to invest in a new piece of purpose-built technology to take advantage of this functionality. From the mobile device already in their pocket, techs are able to easily access information from across the jobsite while also enjoying quick reference to customer data stored in the cloud. This functionality offers greater accountability and transparency about the work being performed today and on previous service calls. Plus, Job Link is free to use!

3. Put tools exactly where they're needed

A wireless HVACR tool with a long range eliminates wasted time. Using traditional wired tools means a lot of hooking up and unhooking of a single probe or tool, making adjustments in one location and then walking back to check the reading, and so on. Also, some ideal locations for a probe could be far from an outlet or difficult to reach. Using a wireless manometer, temperature probe or pipe clamp, for example, allows the tech to choose the ideal location for a measurement. Once each tool is installed, they function independently while delivering data in real-time directly to the mobile device.

4. Lighter loads for techs

Wireless tools not only remove the hassle of long extension cords and looking for outlets to plug them into, they also reduce the weight of the equipment that a tech needs to carry around a jobsite; not to mention, the number of trips up and down the ladder that they save.


Wireless tools help techs work smarter and faster. For more on some of the latest innovations, visit Fieldpiece.