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Jan. 1, 2012
Boilers for large-volume applications XP boilers and automatic circulating water heaters are designed for large-volume commercial applications. These high-efficiency condensing boilers offer outputs ranging from 920,000 to 3.4 million Btuh. They are ...

Boilers for large-volume applications
XP boilers and automatic circulating water heaters are designed for large-volume commercial applications. These high-efficiency condensing boilers offer outputs ranging from 920,000 to 3.4 million Btuh. They are equipped with stainless-steel heat exchangers that can achieve thermal efficiencies of up to 99 percent when used in low-temperature applications. The units feature multipass/multiburner heat exchangers and fully modulating burners with a turndown ratio of up to 20:1. Control features include a touchscreen user interface.
A.O. Smith Water Products Co.

Low-emission firetube system
The CBEX Elite firetube system is designed to achieve high fuel efficiency and low emissions. It maintains 3 percent oxygen across the full operating range and can meet California legislation requiring 5 ppm nitrogen oxide at sub-50 ppm carbon monoxide and the Environmental protection Agency objective of 30 ppm nitrogen oxide with 1 ppm carbon monoxide.

Flow switch
The Series V7 Flotect flow switch is designed for use with compatible liquids to start or stop electronically operated equipment when flow or no-flow conditions occur. The switch’s magnetic operation has no mechanical linkages or seals to wear or leak. The lower body is machined solid-metal bar stock, ensuring no leak points, no matter how long the unit is in service. The vane design is rigid and can be trimmed in the field for set-point adjustment.
Dwyer Instruments

Flue-gas economizer
The EcoFlex 90+ packaged fan-powered flue-gas economizer features a patent-pending design and can be installed in any part of a chimney, horizontally or vertically. It can be used in conjunction with any gas-fired heating appliance, condensing or non-condensing. The unit is suitable for use with draft-hood and draft-diverter-equipped heating appliances and allows multiple boilers to share a single economizer.

Variable-speed circulator
The MAGNA variable-speed wet rotor circulator is designed to be powerful, reliable, intelligent, and energy-efficient. It features a permanent-magnet-motor design that can reduce power consumption by 50 percent or more compared with non-variable-speed circulators. The patented AUTOADAPT feature controls pump performance automatically within a defined performance range, ensuring low energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Condensate-return unit
The HPR condensate return is designed for the corrugating industry. The unit is engineered to reduce energy use by collecting high-temperature condensate from a system and safely pumping it back to a steam boiler without flash loss. The HPR increases the efficiency of production equipment by ensuring condensate is properly drained out of a process and returned to the system’s boilers.
Industrial Steam

Boiler with storage tank
The Mighty Stack volume water heater combines a boiler with an 80-gal. storage tank, resulting in 199-, 300-, and 399-MBH sizes fueled by natural or propane gas. With less than 10-ppm nitrogen-oxide emissions, the sealed-combustion unit offers 83-percent thermal efficiency and meets low lead requirements. Features include a small footprint, removable upper boiler section, common venting, and up to 50 ft of Category I or III venting. Standard components include a tank aquastat, pressure relief valve, hot-surface pilot ignition, and integral induced-draft fan to allow for either horizontal or vertical venting.

Thermostatic mixing valve
The TM-2020B-LF ECO-MIX thermostatic mixing valve delivers precisely mixed water temperature in applications from extremely low flows of 1.0 gpm to those with high-flow requirements. The ASSE 1017-compliant valve features an adjustable high temperature limit stop, inlet checkstops, wall support, and an outlet ball valve. Its bronze body features locking temperature regulators that have a limit stop, set at 120°F, which can be reset by the installer, to prevent excessive handle rotation.
Leonard Valve Co.

Large condensing boilers
The TC series of condensing boilers offers units up to 5.43 MMBtuh, making them among the largest condensing boilers available. These ultrahigh-efficiency boilers feature large heating surfaces, low heat flux, stainless-steel flue passages, a swinging front door for ease of cleaning, and low return-water temperatures (below 80°F).
Parker Boiler

Integrated boiler control
The modulating or stage-fire VERSA IC fully integrated boiler control integrates temperature control, ignition, safety, and individual fault monitoring. The field-upgradable control features a standard Modbus communications port for continuous monitoring, trending, and troubleshooting. This control platform will be incorporated into all of Raypak’s product lines in 2012.

Scotch marine firebox boilers
The Arrowhead line of scotch marine firebox boilers includes standard sizes from 10 to 100 hp at 15-psig steam and 30-psig water operating pressure. Engineered in response to customer demand, the boilers are a maximum of 34-in. wide.
Superior Boiler Works

Wall-mount boiler
The WM97+ wall-mount boiler is available in 70,000- and 110,000-Btu-input models, both at a AFUE rating of 97 percent. The boilers feature a condensing stainless-steel heat exchanger, built-in boiler circulator, and a built in primary/secondary option.

High-efficiency condensing boilers
The ultrahigh-efficiency Triple-Flex Series of hot-water condensing boilers delivers a minimum 90-percent operating efficiency with 160°F return, 180°F supply at maximum input. The units feature a flexible water tube design that provides fast, natural internal circulation for maximum heat transfer and operating efficiency.
Bryan Steam