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Enervex Vortex heat exchanger

Product Spotlight, January 2014: Boilers and Boiler Products

Jan. 7, 2014
Here are the latest boiler-related products from some of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Heat exchanger with bypass

The Vortex heat exchanger (VHX) is designed to address the need for an efficient economizer with a built-in bypass. Its design allows turbulent flow across the heat exchanger surface, maximizing heat transfer. The VHX can be used with forced-draft or atmospheric boilers, condensing or non-condensing boilers, and single- or multiple-boiler systems. It is well-suited for process applications and other high-temperature exhaust-air applications. —Enervex

Versatile burner

The Q Series burner is designed for cast-iron, commercial watertube, and firetube boilers, as well as process-heating applications. The Q Series can be set up for on/off, low-high-low, or full modulation operation without the use of dampers or a linkage setup. The series is offered for natural-gas, LP, or digester firing from 0.4 to 2.5 MMBtu per hour. The Q burner’s totally enclosed, compact design allows easy installation and quiet operation with provisions for sealed combustion.  —Industrial Combustion

Mod-con boiler with pump control

The MagnaTherm is a 95-percent-thermal-efficiency modulating condensing boiler or volume water heater available in 2-, 3-, and 4-million Btuh capacities. It features 5:1 turndown, a small footprint, a slim vertical design with removable top section, a stainless-steel heat exchanger, and multiple voltage options. The unit’s VARI-PRIME pump control seamlessly matches the boiler firing rate to pump flow for optimum efficiency. Up to eight MagnaTherms can be controlled in a cascading boiler bank. —Laars

Tankless water heater

Noritz NCC1991 DV or OD tankless water heaters are designed to meet the high demands of commercial applications. Up to 24 tankless units can be linked together with a single system controller, providing hot water for almost any application, including schools, restaurants, laundromats, medical facilities, and government facilities. Extra-thick copper piping in the unit’s heat exchanger is designed to help ensure long-term durablity. —Noritz

Electric water filtration

The ORE/A line of automatic self-cleaning electric screen filters is designed to simplify boiler-water filtration while increasing reliability and performance. Limit switches, reversing motors, extra contactors, a second overload-protection device, and controllers have been eliminated. Springless, self-adjusting nozzles maintain light contact with the screen surface during the automatic rinse cycle for maximum cleaning and minimum water loss. The ORE/A is available is sizes from 2 in. to 24 in. and filtration degrees from 5 to 3,000 microns. —Orival

Gas-fired condensing boilers

PureFire gas-fired condensing boilers are available in four sizes with capacities of 399 to 1.5 million Btu. They are available configured for either natural or LP gas. PureFire boilers are environmentally friendly, with low-NOx operation, and have thermal efficiencies near 97 percent. They feature a condensate system with built-in neutralizer component and float-switch protection. Modbus communications are standard. Up to 16 PureFire boilers can be cascaded. —Peerless Boilers