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Can a retrofit HVAC system save money?

Looking to Save Energy? HVAC Retrofit May Help

Jan. 13, 2015

Building owners and managers looking to find a new HVAC solution for their facility may want to think about a retrofit, according to what Peter Bush, CEO of Australian-based Aeris Environmental, told Sourceable.net.

With approximately half of a building’s energy consumption coming from HVAC, Bush said retrofitting HVAC and refrigeration systems could give buildings “dramatic” cuts in energy.

HVAC upgrades have thus become a key part of retrofits with the goal of raising the sustainability chops of properties.

According to Bush, the retrofitting of HVAC and refrigerator systems can not only dramatically reduce energy consumption and associated utilities bills and greenhouse gas emissions, they can also extend the operating life of equipment as well as significantly raise indoor air quality.

For building managers reading this, have you considered a retrofitted HVAC system? What are the pros and cons you see from a retrofitted system? Let us know!