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Fulton Launches Thermal-Fluid-Heater Rental Program

Aug. 9, 2016
Fulton Thermal Corp. is now offering multiple thermal-coil-heater skids as rental units.

Fulton Thermal Corp., manufacturer of thermal-fluid heat-transfer products and provider of energy-management solutions, is now offering multiple thermal-coil-heater skids as rental units.

Among other uses, the units serve customers experiencing failure of an existing heater, as backup for critical processes, or as short-term replacements during long lead times for new units or permanent solutions.

Fulton rental heaters offer all of the capabilities of custom-designed Fulton thermal coil heaters. They are available in two models: FT-0240C and FT-0600C.

FT-0240C has a 2.4-million-Btuh output, a 198-gpm flow rate, and dual-gas (natural gas/propane) capability and can ship closed-truck LTL. FT-0600C has a 6-million-Btuh output, 375-gpm flow rate, dual-fuel (natural gas/No. 2 oil) capability, and low emissions at sub 15-ppm NOx on natural gas.

Both models are completely turnkey products, are rated NEMA 4 for outdoor installation, and include an exhaust stack, circulating pump, and expansion tank.

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