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Tankless Wall-Hung Rack Systems, Water Heaters Save Space, Time, Energy, Labor

Sept. 9, 2016
The Tankless Wall-Hanging Rack systems shipped fully assembled. Placing a system takes 40-percent less time than installing water heaters one unit at a time.

Looking to maximize space in his new and remodeled Taco Bell restaurants, where square footage is minimal, Bob Jenkins, owner of Charter Foods, owner and operator of more than 100 quick-serve restaurants across the country, visited Rinnai’s headquarters and assembly facility in Peachtree City, Ga., to learn more about tankless water-heating solutions.

Rinnai recommended its commercial Tankless Wall-Hanging Rack (TRW), a pre-assembled rack with multiple Rinnai tankless water heaters. Charter Foods reaped the space-saving benefits of this complete and fully modular tankless solution, in addition to benefits from TRW’s ease of installation, energy efficiency, and low utility costs.

A Charter Foods Taco Bell remodeled with a Tankless Wall-Hanging Rack system.

Space Savings and Operational Redundancy

A significant benefit of Rinnai’s wall-hung tankless racks is space savings. When large traditional tanks at Charter Foods restaurants were replaced with TRW systems, space was created. In some cases, the need for a mechanical room, where large storage tanks previously sat, even could be eliminated.

“Having these tankless rack systems on the wall and off the floors allows the crews to keep the floors and corners cleaner and more organized,” Bob Rave, new projects/facilities manager for Charter Foods, said. “It helps improve the culture of housekeeping within the team and restaurant, where housekeeping and cleanliness is our top priority.”

Additionally, having two redundant tankless units in the store provides Charter Foods peace of mind in the event one stops working.

Quick Installation Saves Time and Labor Costs

Tankless rack system mounted with two connected C199 commercial condensing tankless water heaters.

The TRW systems shipped fully assembled with two tankless water heaters already connected to each other, arriving ready for installation. The installers experienced less time on site, as placing a TRW system with multiple units takes 40-percent less time than installing individual water heaters one unit at a time. The key is TRW’s wall-hanging bracket.

“We love how easy the rack systems install,” Rave said.

Lower Energy Consumption = Lower Overhead

A nearly 40-percent reduction in gas consumption translated to big savings on each store’s energy bill. Because tankless water heaters heat water only when needed, they do not consume energy during off-hours, store closures, and slow periods.

With Rinnai TRW02iN Tankless Rack Systems, each of the company’s restaurants will experience the Rinnai tankless technology, featuring heat exchangers that provide hot water at the moment it is needed with 399,000-Btu maximum efficiency.

To date, Charter Foods has taken delivery of 30 rack systems, installing four, which are functioning perfectly. Seventeen additional systems are planned to be installed in 2016.