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Steam boilers
Tribute boilers feature a reliable pressure-vessel design, high efficiencies, and the capability to operate at sub-9-ppm nitrogen oxide with Fulton SC-750 advanced boiler-control systems. The vertical tubeless steam boilers have a fiber mesh burner, a variable-speed fan, and an integrated gas train and provide low emissions combustion with a 4-in. incoming gas pressure. The boilers also offer a stainless-steel jacket and a 4-to-1 modulation ratio.
—Fulton Cos.
Circle 28

Applicable to single- and multi-burner wall-fired, turbo, and other types of package, industrial, and utility boilers, ECOjet burners offer ultralow-nitrogen-oxide emissions with little or no flue-gas recirculation. Ignition is achieved via Chentronics' self-cleaning/low-maintenance High Energy Direct Spark Ignitor. The burst-mode ignition with flashing indicator allows an operator to observe ignitor condition during operation and eliminates the need for an ignitor fuel train. Gas-electric ignitors are available for firing natural gas, propane, coke-oven gas, etc.
—Hamworthy Peabody Combustion Inc.
Circle 29

Commercial condensing boilers
A pamphlet from Cleaver-Brooks describes the company's Clearfire-C commercial condensing boilers, available in five sizes from 500 to 2,500 mbh. The pamphlet includes a list of key design features, such as 2- to 5-percent potential energy savings with dual-temperature return and a fresh-air inlet connection for sealed combustion. Photos, graphs, and a specifications table are highlighted.
Circle 30

Commercial boilers
Three commercial models (600, 750, and 850 mbh) have been added to the NeoTherm condensing-boiler line, which are fully packaged hydronic systems that offer 95-percent energy efficiency. The direct-vent, sealed-combustion boilers modulate with a 5-to-1 turndown ratio. The boilers feature a stainless-steel heat exchanger, optional boiler pump, diagnostic information, and low-nitrogen-oxide emissions. Features include top-mounted water and gas lines and air intake, permitting close multiple-boiler installations.
—Laars Heating Systems Co.
Circle 31

Wall-mounted boilers
Knight boilers are available as wall-mounted units with a fire-tube design. For light-duty applications, such as small hotels, schools, and office buildings, the boilers are available in seven models, with inputs from 55,000 to 399,000 Btuh. For higher-demand applications, Lochinvar’s Smart System operating control features a built-in cascading sequencer that allows up to eight units to be installed, delivering up to 3.2 million Btuh of heating capacity.
—Lochinvar Corp.
Circle 32

Condensing hot-water boilers
Available in sizes from 399,000- to 5.44-million-Btu input, TC Series condensing hot-water boilers feature stainless-steel construction for resistance to corrosion at low operating temperatures. The units are available with conventional gas burners or low-nitrogen-oxide power-type burners. The boilers offer efficiencies of up to 99.7 percent.
—Parker Boiler Co.
Circle 33

Tube expanders/rolling motors
Air-powered Millhog tube expanders and rolling motors create steel-to-steel mechanical seals in boilers, heat exchangers, and condensers. The tools feature precise torque control from 25 to 325 ft-lb for tube expansion and wall reduction, creating tight tube joints. Once proper torque level is established, the setting can be retained so that each time the throttle is engaged, the tool will stall when it reaches the desired tube expansion.
—ESCO Tool, a unit of ESCO Technologies Inc.
Circle 34

Condensing boilers
Ninety-three-percent-efficient Peerless Combi 160 condensing boilers use premixed burner technology for optimal combustion. The boilers offer hydronic heat and domestic hot water in one unit by using an integrated coil-type hot-water tank. The built-in tankless heater is capable of producing up to 4 gpm of domestic hot water. Panel-mounted controls, an installed and wired circulator, and an expansion tank are all built into a sound-attenuated enclosure. Utility connections for gas, water, and condensate are located at the bottom of the unit.
—Peerless Boilers
Circle 35

Biomass boilers
Available as pure logwood, woodchip/logwood, or pellet/logwood units, therminator II biomass boilers come in 22-, 30-, 40-, 49-, and 60-kw sizes. An intuitive ecomanager boiler control takes care of complete energy management. Heating times are individually adjustable (main, night, and lowering time). A large stainless-steel filling space guarantees long burn-off times, approximately 4 to 6 hr.
Circle 36

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