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Proper testing and maintenance of HVAC systems is necessary (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
<p>Proper testing and maintenance of HVAC systems is necessary.</p>

Keep on Top of Managing HVAC Systems in Schools

Far too often, we see stories end tragically when an HVAC system was not properly tested. A recent story from NBC Connecticut did not end tragically, but it is a good reminder for those who manage school buildings to frequently test their HVAC systems to ensure they are in working order.

The Fairfield Fire Department responded to Ludlowe High School, at 785 Unquowa Road in Fairfield, on Thursday morning after a problem with the HVAC unit on the roof pumped smoke into the music room, according to officials.

There was no fire, but the smoke caused the alarms to go off and students were moved next door to Ludlowe Middle School.

While there were no injuries or deaths in this instance, sometimes stories like this can help serve as a great reminder or wake up call to have your HVAC system tested on a regular basis.

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