High-capacity boilers

With a capacity of 3 million Btu per hour, Benchmark 3.0 high-efficiency boilers have a 79-in. height, 28-in. width, and 64-in. depth. The gas-fired units deliver a turndown of 15-to-1 to maximize operating efficiency and seasonal fuel savings. The boilers are fitted with a low-nitrous-oxide (NOx) burner, which has NOx-emission levels of less than 30 ppm.
— Aerco
Circle 120

Deaerators brochure

A brochure from Industrial Steam describes the company's pressurized steam-flow deaerators, which can reduce boiler-feed-water gas content to 0.005 cc per liter. The brochure has sizing and sequence-of-operation information.
— Industrial Steam
Circle 121


RMB Ultra burners are designed to meet the needs of large firetube, commercial watertube, and small industrial watertube boilers. The burners have capacities of 700 to 2,500 hp or 30 million to 105 million Btu per hour. The burners' low NOx-emission levels range from 9 to 30 ppm when firing natural gas.
— John Zink Co.
Circle 122

Tube-cleaning system

The Wils-Away 1500, an electric tube-cleaning system for straight and curved tubes in firetube boilers, air and water heaters, heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, absorbers, coolers, and other pressure vessels, removes soot and scale. Each unit is equipped with a safety shaft coupling that snaps under accidental overload, protecting the shaft from breakage. Collecting soot, 2-hp and 4-hp vacuums give cleaned tubes a polished look. Each kit includes an electric drive unit and all accessories and tools required for tube cleaning.
— Thomas C. Wilson Inc.
Circle 123

Brushless DC blowers

Nautilair variable-speed brushless DC blowers deliver a measured air/fuel mixture in gas-fired burner systems for optimized combustion and reduced NOx and carbon-monoxide emissions. These pre-mix burner blowers offer solutions for many applications, including commercial boilers, hot-water heaters, furnaces, food-service equipment, kilns, and fuel cells.
— Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
Circle 124

Power-generation-products catalog

A 44-page catalog from Babcock & Wilcox details its product list, including equipment boilers, steam generators, and environmental and auxiliary equipment. The catalog has color illustrations and specifications.
— The Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Circle 125

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