New Products - June 2009

Condensing boilers

Low-nitrogen-oxide (NOx) Benchmark 2.0 condensing boilers have been re-engineered to deliver a smaller footprint and reduced electrical consumption while maintaining a 20-1 turndown ratio to maximize seasonal fuel savings. Occupying 7 sq ft of floor space, the boilers require 120 v of electrical power and 4-in. gas pressure to operate. With an operating range of 100,000 to 2 million Btuh, the boilers match fluctuating loads to minimize boiler cycling and eliminate temperature overshooting.
AERCO International Inc.
Circle 16

Condensing boilers

Incorporating combustion and heat-exchanger technology, XTherm condensing boilers include optional stainless-steel, chlorinated-polyvinyl-chloride, or polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) venting at the 2,000 MBtu level, even for Raypak's 98-percent-efficiency-rated boilers. PVC adaptors are factory-installed inside of the boiler jacket. For single- and multiple-boiler systems, installation costs can be reduced by 30 to 50 percent.
Circle 17


Ecojet ultralow-NOx burners are applicable for single- and multi-burner wall-fired, turbo, and other types of package, industrial, and utility boilers. With capacities of up to 400 MMBtuh, the burners do not require complicated control systems, special fuel, or combustion air filtration or straining. The burners' staged gas design provides stable flames, a turndown ratio of 20-to-1, hot standby, and available continuous pilot.
Hamworthy Peabody Combustion Inc.
Circle 18

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