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Cold weather means HVAC repair companies are spread thin (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
<p>Cold weather means HVAC repair companies are spread thin.</p>

Preventative Maintenance Key to Keeping HVAC Systems Running

If you were waiting on the right time to get an issue fixed in your building’s HVAC system, this recent cold stretch may have had a nasty surprise for you.

As NBC Louisville reported, phone calls for HVAC companies see a big spike once the weather gets as cold as it has been this week.

"We've been stretched pretty thin, I'm not going to lie," repairman Drew Saffle said after working on his fifth HVAC-related call of the afternoon, at a house in Louisville.

"We've been thawing a lot of drains and re-insulating those, trying to keep them from refreezing. We also had a great issue with power outages. They have been causing boards to fail," Saffle added.

Instead of waiting until it is nearly too late for these repairs, it is best to have a preventative maintenance plan in place for your HVAC system. This way, when the days get extremely cold or hot, you’ll be prepared instead of spending time on the phone with your favorite repairman.

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