Product Spotlight: Boilers

Large-capacity and dual-fuel boilers
The CREST condensing-boiler line is now available with inputs of up to 5 million Btuh. The line also has been expanded to include a dual-fuel gas train.  Additional enhancements include lower firing-input-derate numbers in high-altitude applications. All models incorporate the exclusive SMART TOUCH operating control and offer thermal efficiencies as high as 99 percent. —Lochinvar





Small-footprint boilers
P-K MACH boilers are available in three new models: MC300 (300,000 Btuh), MC399 (399,000 Btuh), and MC500 (500,000 Btuh). The boilers are designed with a 40-percent smaller footprint and improved serviceability compared with previous models. They are available in floor-standing or wall-hung configurations. —Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley



Condensing hot-water boiler
The TC 205 series condensing hot-water boiler features a low-NOx metal-fiber burner. It is available in capacities from 399,000 to 5,443,000 Btuh gas-fired and is capable of thermal efficiencies of up to 98 percent, temperatures to 190°F, and pressures to 80 psi. The TC 205 resets down to ultralow water temperatures and will tolerate extremely low flows (to 100˚F delta-T). —Parker Boiler



Expanded boiler line
The MVB product platform has been expanded to 4 million Btu. Standard features include a fully integrated control system, a Modbus building-management-system port, and cold-water protection functionality via an optional three-way valve. The units feature 88.4 percent thermal efficiency and a 7:1 turndown ratio. —Raypak

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