Using too much heat could mean spending too much money (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
<p>For building managers, using too much heat could meand spending too much money.</p>

Sensors Can Help Buildings Stay Evenly Heated

Everyone has likely been in a building that was too cold or too warm for their liking. Some people likely experience this every day. It’s not pleasant for anyone.

For building managers, it could end up wasting money if they are using too much heat. On the other side, residents dwelling in apartment buildings may be too cold and have nothing to do about it (aside from complain to management, who may not have an indication of where the true problem lies).

A recent story on CNBC said sensors, in this case by a company called Heat Seek, may be a helpful tool to report areas where more heat may be needed, or perhaps even less heat.

But as much as the tool could mean to tenants, Heat Seek maintains that its product can be just as useful for the other side.

"For building owners, it can also be a cost-savings tool," said Heat Seek's community outreach director, Noelle Francois. "Or maybe you need to engage in some weatherization so that the building is staying more evenly heated."

Take a read through this CNBC story and let us know; would these heat sensors be useful in the buildings you manage?

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