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HPAC 'On The Air': COP28 Recap with USGBC's Liz Beardsley

Feb. 1, 2024
"NEW PODCAST* One of our industry's leading sustainability experts returns to rate the results of the latest global climate summit.

Frustrations ran high at the annual global climate summit in Dubai in December, but this month's guest says there were still more than a few positive takeaways for our industry; more best practices to share and relationships to build on in pursuit of a common, urgent goal.

U.S. Green Building Council senior policy counsel Elizabeth Beardsley here returns to HPAC 'On The Air' for the third year in a row, to give us her first-person account of what took place over the conference's two contentious weeks. Many had worried that this COP may end up a 'cop-out,' or setback, for the sustainability movement. But Beardsley says the international momentum toward progress continues and it still is just too strong to be turned back.

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