Air-handling-unit brochure

A product brochure from Mainstream describes the company's custom-built air-handling units and replacement coils. The eight-page brochure focuses on the CTM Series custom air-handling system and MLR Series modular air handlers. The brochure quantifies the key benefits of custom-built replacement air handlers over standard units.
— Mainstream
Circle 108

Dust-collection systems

The dual-cyclonic portable dust-collection system is equipped with two high-efficiency cyclones that separate particles as small as sanding dust. The system can be assembled and ready for dust collection in 1 hr. Power is provided by a 2.5-hp motor that produces more than 1,000 cfm. Filtration is provided by two high-efficiency Axtar spun-bonded filters with a cleaning system that captures 99.9 percent of test material from 0.2 to 2 microns at 11 fpm.
— Oneida Air Systems
Circle 109

Air-sampling pumps

The Gilian 5000 personal air-sampling pump monitors worker exposure to hazardous gases, vapors, and particulate at flow rates from 20 to 5,000 cc per minute. The pumps provide constant flow control up to 70-in. water back pressure at 1 lpm.
— Sensidyne Inc.
Circle 110

Rooftop units

A 90- to 150-ton packaged rooftop unit for multistory commercial buildings, the IntelliPak II offers increased efficiency, environmentally responsible features, and advanced filtration options. Double-wall construction, fresh-air management, double-sloped drain pans, final filtration capabilities, and airmanagement control ensure proper ventilation for comfort and energy savings.
— Trane
Circle 111

Roof-ventilators pamphlet

A pamphlet from Continental Fan lists standard features and benefits, applications, and accessories/options for various products. Product photos, diagrams, dimensions, and performance ratings are included.
— Continental Fan
Circle 112

Anchoring systems

Used to install suspended ceiling grids, HVAC ductwork and cable trays, refrigeration and security systems, electrical conduits, and sprinkler systems, HangerMate threaded rod anchoring systems eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming supports when thin materials are involved in attaching threaded rods to support pipes.
— Elco Construction Products
Circle 113

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