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Exhaust fans

Tested and certified to withstand winds of up to 150 mph, high-wind and hurricane exhaust fans do not require ties to a roof. The fans feature structural bracing on their interiors and exteriors and special high-wind roof curbs. All models are licensed to bear the Air Movement and Control Association seal for sound and air performance.
Circle 100

Duct liners

A non-fibrous insulation product, Solcoustic duct liner offers acoustic properties comparable with fiberglass. The liner's air-stream surface is coated with an immobilized, Environmental Protection Agency-registered preservative that does not support the growth of fungi or bacteria. The liner is formaldehyde-free, eliminating many indoor-air-quality concerns.
Inspec Foams
Circle 101


Microjammer variable-speed, brushless, direct-current blowers are useful in a range of medical and industrial applications. The blowers' redesigned bearing systems contribute to longer life, while a rear-balancing disk reduces vibration of the blowers' rotating fan systems.
Circle 102

Air-handling units

One-piece, multiposition air-handling units offer flexibility and combination possibilities for use with variable-refrigerant-volume systems. The units can be installed in four configurations: upflow, horizontal left, horizontal right, and, with a kit, downflow. The units also come with a built-in filter rack for efficient setup.
Daikin AC Inc.
Circle 103

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