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Poor IAQ could mean bad air in your building.

IAQ Control is a ‘Modern Phenomenon’: You Should Take Advantage

March 13, 2015

Being able to control indoor air quality (IAQ) is something of a new phenomenon. It hasn’t been too long that we have been able to control the quality of air that circulates through our buildings; management needs to be sure to take advantage of this technology.

On U.K. magazine Specification Online, they wrote about Elta Fans’ Mori DMEV, a new ventilation unit.

Buildings need a constant supply of fresh air to ensure the good health of occupants. A well thought through ventilation strategy can, in the case of rented properties; help reduce maintenance budgets, the risk of tenant complaints and call outs. There are many well proven ventilation fans and products that can solve problems that often arise in kitchens, bathrooms, shower areas etc.

The innovative Elta Fans Mori dMEV decentralised mechanical extract ventilation unit has been designed around the need for good and reliable IAQ. Independent test results from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) highlight the unit’s low running costs, carbon footprint savings and multi application functionality.

Do you have any favorite IAQ products? Have you seen successes with the technology in your buildings? Let us know.