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Study Finds Wide Disparity in IAQ Among Vegas Hotels

March 11, 2022
Of the 28 hotels included in the study, the Aria Resort, Park MGM and Wynn Las Vegas were found to have the best air quality.


SAN CARLOS, CA - March 8, 2022 -- () -- A new study found significant differences in indoor air quality among 28 hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, with the worst air quality hotel 80 times more polluted than the best. The study was conducted by Wynd Technologies, Inc., a maker of AI-powered indoor air monitoring and purification technologies.

Wynd’s study found that the Aria Resort, Park MGM and Wynn Las Vegas are the top three hotels in terms of cleanest air. Their average air quality is just as good as, if not better than, outside air on a non-polluted day. Meanwhile, the worst air quality hotel has a concentration of ~300 micrograms / cubic meter of PM2.5 (worse than the average air quality day in Beijing or New Delhi), which is more than 80 times worse than the best hotel.

"Air is invisible, and the subtleties of air quality between different spaces or buildings can be hard to discern with human senses, and difficult to keep track or to compare,” said Raymond Wu, Wynd’s CEO. “With low-cost, accurate and distributed sensors, we started building a picture of which places are healthy and which places need improvement. The implications of this study at scale — across different built environments including hospitality, education, office, and more — can improve health and wellness for society as well as help bring us back from this time when everyone is afraid to be in shared spaces again.”

Wynd’s proprietary sensors measured a wide range of indoor pollutants, with a focus on PM2.5 or Particulate Matter, which the EPA defines as “fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller,” about 30 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Studies link inhalation of these fine particles to health risks including heart disease, heart attack, asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Indoor PM2.5 levels also have direct correlations to how well the building is taking care of ventilation and filtration, which can dramatically reduce viral spread of COVID-19.

The EPA acknowledges two primary solutions for poor indoor air quality. The first – diluting pollutants with ventilation from outdoor air – is often limited by poor outdoor air quality or weather conditions. The second – portable air cleaners and HVAC or furnace filters and other duct-mounted air cleaners installed in a central HVAC system – is a more applicable solution for commercial properties and businesses such as Vegas hotels.


Founded in 2014 by CEO Raymond Wu and his MIT alumni co-founders, Wynd offers a range of smart, sleek air quality sensors, monitors, air purifiers and related software that algorithmically learn from the data and insights provided from business and consumer customers to adjust how they monitor and improve air quality. Named to Time Magazine's annual best invention list, Wynd is already well known for innovative air purifiers for the consumer market. From hotel rooms to restaurant tables and businesses, more Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using Wynd's air monitoring and purification systems — early adopters of Wynd include Marriott and Innovatus Capital Partners. Learn more by visiting http://wynd.ai (enterprise customers) and http://hellowynd.com (consumer customers).