Mechanical Systems Controls Companies Recognized by LonMark's 2013 "Best of Year" Winners

Feb. 7, 2014
ISDE, Honeywell International (E-Mon), Guangdong Rongwen and Toshirou Tomita Honored for Insight, Innovation and Leadership

AHR EXPO, NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 21, 2014- LonMark® International, a non-profit international association recognized for the certification, education and promotion of interoperability standards for control networking, today announced the winners of its “Best of the Year” awards for 2013. Since 2007, LonMark International has recognized products, companies, projects and individuals that have demonstrated superior levels of expertise with open control networking technology based upon the ISO/IEC 14908 standards.

“This is an exciting time to be a member of LonMark International as it enters its 20th year of operation,” said Barry Haaser, executive director, LonMark International. “LonMark® certified products, people and companies have served as the foundation for thousands of open, interoperable systems worldwide. These annual awards reflect the vision and innovation shared among the members of the LonMark community.”

Categories and winners for 2013 include:
Multi-Vendor Project of the Year, (Large Campus Integration): ISDE, Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood in Spain

One of the most ambitious residential projects in Spain is the Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood in which all 48 homes and private social club are automated, monitored, and centrally and remotely controlled. ISDE Company, a LonWorks– focused pioneer of home and building automation and street lighting, took the challenge of integrating hundreds of devices for the upscale neighborhood while keeping the cost at a minimum.
The integration and automation of the Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood enjoys a savings of up to 20 percent in energy consumption (lighting dimming, motion sensors, etc.) and up to 25 percent in reduced maintenance cost thanks to the Smart Servers, which makes remote management possible. The complexity of this project proves the potential of LonWorks technology and how its versatility made it easy to implement more than 2,000 control devices inside the complex.

Multi-Vendor Project of the Year, (Small Repeatable Solution): Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., District of Guancheng in Dongguan, China

As the biggest "Internet of Things Intelligent Street lighting Solution" provider, Guangdong Rongwen retrofitted the street lighting system of the district of Guancheng in Dongguan, China. This project is part of a larger initiative that is creating an intelligent, efficient and low-carbon city management solution. Leading the upgrade, the Dongguan Guancheng Utility Service Center was tasked with replacing nearly 12,500 street and alley lights, while integrating an intelligent control system that communicates with the greater city management system.

With the assistance of Rongwen, the Utility Service Center will apply the "Internet of Things" model—where all hardware, software and services are identified, integrated and efficiently managed—to modernize a community that will realize energy savings of up to 70 percent while increasing public safety and security.

Certified Device of the Year: Honeywell International Inc. (E-Mon) - Class 3400, 5000, Green Class Net and Din-Mon Smart Meters

D-Mon metering products are designed for a variety of energy monitoring applications, including integrating facility electrical equipment and systems with the widely used LonWorks building automation system protocol. Applicable metering devices include E-Mon’s advanced Class 3400, 5000, Green Class Net Meter and Din-Mon family.

Visionary of the Year: Toshirou Tomita, LonMark Japan Toshirou Tomita has been a long time supporter of LonMark International. He got involved with LonMark as a Sponsor Member over ten years ago while employed at Yokogawa Electric. He was instrumental in the creation of LonMark Japan and has been an active supporter ever since. Toshirou has been an active participant on the LonMark International Board of Directors for nearly a decade and currently sits on the Executive Committee. As LonMark Japan celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we can thank the hard work and dedication of Toshirou Tomita for its success as our longest standing affiliate and his long-standing position on the LonMark International Board.

Congratulations to the 2013 Award winners all of which have demonstrated high levels of innovation in using LonWorks technology. For more information on the award categories, photos and winners’ entries, please visit The LonMark Awards website.