ASHRAE 2015 Winter Conference: Outstanding Achievements Recognized

Feb. 17, 2015
Sixty-six people were recognized for their contributions to ASHRAE and the built-environment industry during ASHRAE’s 2015 Winter Conference Jan. 24-28 in Chicago.

Sixty-six people were recognized for their contributions to ASHRAE and the built-environment industry during ASHRAE’s 2015 Winter Conference Jan. 24-28 in Chicago.

The F. Paul Anderson Award, ASHRAE’s highest honor for technical achievement, is given for outstanding services performed in the HVACR field. The recipient was Damon Gowan, FASHRAE, retired president and chief executive officer, EMCOR-Gowan Inc., Houston.

The ASHRAE Hall of Fame honors deceased members who have made milestone contributions to the growth of ASHRAE-related technology or the development of ASHRAE as a society. Inducted were Rolla Carpenter (1852–1919), an author of the first heating and ventilating textbook for engineers, “Heating and Ventilating Buildings: a Manual for Heating Engineers and Architects,” as well as “Instructions for Mechanical Laboratory Practice: Text-Book of Experimental Engineering,” and Robert Tamblyn, P.Eng., FASHRAE, (1921–2012) a pioneer in many areas, including application of heat pumps in commercial buildings (1950s), use of an on-floor fan system for variable-air-volume applications in commercial buildings (1960s), applications for both hot and cold storage tanks in commercial buildings (1970s), leadership of the first engineering firm to specialize in energy management (1973), and work on seasonal chilled-water storage (1980s).

Fellow ASHRAE is a membership grade that recognizes members who have attained distinction and made substantial contributions in HVACR and the built environment, such as in education, research, engineering design and consultation, publications, presentations, and mentoring. Elevated to the grade of Fellow were:

  • Tony Costa, PE, president and chief mechanical engineer, Costa Engineers, Napa, Calif.
  • Pankaj R. Dharkar, president and founder, Pankaj Dharkar and Associates, Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.
  • Egils Dzelzitis, Dr.-Ing., C.Eng., BEAP, BEMP, OPMP, professor, Ripa Technical University, and CEO, Lafiap, Ripa, Latvia.
  • Bruce L. Flaniken, PE, manager of facilities-maintenance-services engineering, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston.
  • Ravisankar Ganta, PE, senior mechanical engineer III, Chicago Bridge and Iron Co., Vogle Power Plants 3 and 4, Waynesboro, Ga.
  • Donald J. Hay, general director, Technologia en Sistemas de Refrigeracion SA de CV, Apodaca, NL, Mexico.
  • W. Luis Lagomarsino, Ing., director, Lagomarsino and Associates, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Erin McConahey, PE, HBDP, trustee and principal, Arup, Los Angeles.
  • Kirk T. Mescher, PE, principal, CM Engineering, Columbia, Mo.
  • Daniel H. Nall, PE, FAIA, BEMP, HBDP, vice president, regional director of high-performance buildings, Syska Hennessey Group, New York.
  • Ronald L. Petersen, PhD, principal and vice president, CPP Inc., Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Dusan Petras, PhD, professor, Slovak University of Technology, and president, Slovak Society of Environmental Technology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
  • Samir R. Traboulsi, PhD, P.Eng., BEAP, HPDP, senior lecturer, American University of Beirut; general manager, Thermotrade; and managing director, Ranec SARL, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Donald J. Winston, PE, president, Donald J. Winston, New York.

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by ASHRAE members and building owners who have successfully applied innovative building design incorporating ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and indoor-air quality and serve to communicate innovative systems design. Winning projects are selected from entries earning regional awards. First-place recipients were:

  • William C. Weinaug Jr., PE, vice president, exp U.S. Services Inc., Maitland, Fla., in the existing-industry-facilities-or-processes category for the Antarctica Empire of the Penguin animal exhibit and ride attraction, Orlando, Fla. The facility is owned by Sea World Parks and Entertainment Inc.
  • Kateri Héon, Ing., project manager, and Pietro Guerra, Ing., mechanical-electrical director, exp, Montreal, Quebec, in the existing-other-institutional-buildings category for Centre Civique de Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec. The building is owned by the Ville de Dollard-des-Ormeaux.
  • Benjamin Frank Gozart, engineer, and Tom Marseille, PE, managing director, WSP; Charles Chaloeicheep, PE, WSP Built Ecology; and Tom Boysen Jr., PE, senior project manager, Sellen Construction, Seattle, in the new-commercial-buildings category for Federal Center South, Building 12021, Seattle. The building is owned by the U.S. General Services Administration.
  • Jason Troy LaRosh, PE, mechanical engineer, Angus-Young Associates, Janesville, Wis., in the existing-public-assembly category for the Janesville Ice Arena addition and renovation. The building is owned by the City of Janesville.
  • Mark Stavig, PE, principal, CDi+Mazzetti, Lynnwood, Wash., in the new-health-care-facilities category for Peace Island Medical Center, San Juan Island, Wash. The building is owned by PeaceHealth.
  • Matthew William Longsine, PE, associate, and Henry Di Gregorio, senior vice president, WSP, Seattle, in the new-other-institutional-buildings category for the Tacoma Center for Urban Waters, Tacoma, Wash. The building is owned by the National Development Council, HEDC Public-Private Partnerships on behalf of the City of Tacoma.
  • Brian Haugk, PE, mechanical principal, and Brian Cannon, mechanical senior associate, Hargis Engineers Inc., Seattle, in the new-educational-facilities category for Valley View Middle School, Snohomish, Wash. The school is owned by Snohomish School District No. 201.
  • Roger (Jui-Chen) Chang, PE, BEMP, principal and director of engineering and sustainability, Westlake Reed Leskosky, Washington, D.C., in the existing-commercial-buildings category for Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Grand Junction, Colo. The building is owned by the U.S. General Services Administration, Rocky Mountain Region, and was completed by WRL with The Beck Group.
  • Art Sutherland, president, Accent Refrigeration Systems, Victoria, B.C., in the new-public-assembly category for Westhills Recreation Center, Langford, B.C. The building is owned by the City of Langford.

The ASHRAE Student Design Competition focused on a two-story office building with research-and-development facility in New York. ASHRAE student teams outside the United States were allowed to locate the building in the capital of their state, province, or country.

First place in HVAC Design Calculations was awarded to a team from the University of Central Florida, Orlando: Christopher Erickson, associate engineer, Universal Creative, Orlando; Ian Faulkner, mechanical designer, exp U.S. Services, Orlando; DJ Marshall, mechanical engineer, TLC Engineering for Architecture, Orlando; Richard Suarez, quality engineer, Rockwell Collins, San Diego; Kristian Jack Szymanski, Coral Springs, Fla.; and Ju Young Yu, Winter Park, Fla.

First place in HVAC System Selection was awarded to a team from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.: John Gaito, Kathryn Helmer, Lexie Oliver, Alex Pint, Megan C. Walkowiak, and Gordon Zimmerman, all of whom are senior-level students in architectural engineering.

First place in Integrated Sustainable Building Design was awarded to a team from Montana State University, Bozeman: Elyse Casper; Theresa R. Lindenau, Bozeman; Terra Moran, materials engineer, Imperial Oil, Calgary, Alberta; Mary Peterson, project engineer in the commercial solutions division, 3M, Saint Paul, Minn.; and Martin Reaves, founder, Monolithic, Bozeman.

ASHRAE also announced the recipients of the 2014 Applied Engineering Challenge, in which students were required to design and specify a small portable air conditioner that must be affordable, maintainable, and effective in the local cultural environment. 

The first-place Applied Engineering Challenge recipients were a team from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo: Juan Silva, sales operation, SYSERCO, Fremont, Calif., and Nelson E. Echeverry, design engineer, Donald F. Dickerson Associates, Tarzana, Calif.

The E.K. Campbell Award of Merit honors an individual for outstanding service and achievement in teaching and is presented by the Life Members Club. The recipient was Charles “Charlie” Culp, PhD, PE, FASHRAE, HBDP, a professor in the Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, and associate director of the Energy Systems Laboratory of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station of the Texas A&M University system.

The ASHRAE Award for Distinguished Public Service recognizes members who have performed outstanding public service in their community and, in doing so, have helped to improve the public image of the engineer. The recipient was William Sigman, PE, executive vice president and principal, BSA Life Structures, Fishers, Ind.  

The John F. James International Award recognizes a member who has done the most to enhance ASHRAE's international presence. The recipient was Kent Peterson, PE, FASHRAE, BEAP, vice president and chief engineer, P2S Engineering, Long Beach, Calif.

The ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry Award recognizes deceased individuals who have made milestone contributions to the growth of HVACR. Recipients were Carl Linde (1842-1934), a scientist, engineer, and industrialist who developed the first methods to commercially liquefy air and used his knowledge to design his own refrigeration machines, and Andrew Muhl (1831-1892), who received patents for an ice machine and who produced ice that was superior and cheaper than ice being harvested from rivers, which made shipping Texas beef to markets in the East and Midwest feasible.

Honorary Members, elected by the board of directors, are defined as notable persons of preeminent professional distinction. The recipient was Stefano Marino, PhD, of Roma, Italy, Vatican chief engineer, who oversaw restoration of Michelangelo’s frescos and a complete redesign of the environmental controls in the Sistine Chapel.

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