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Danfoss Unveils New Tech at Virtual AHR Press Event

Feb. 12, 2022
Post AHR Expo, manufacturer highlights how its new heat pumps, heat recovery, ventilation and cooling systems will meet decarbonization, energy efficiency goals.


Baltimore MD, February 11, 2022 -- Danfoss hosted its 26th annual press conference in a virtual format on February 11. Danfoss executives briefed members of the media on the trends facing the HVACR industry and the technologies it has developed to lead the industry forward. Heat pumps, heat recovery, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems and refrigerant transition took center stage as Danfoss leadership emphasized the need for innovation and deployment of new technologies to reach decarbonization and energy efficiency goals.

John Galyen, Danfoss North America president, launched the event and expressed his hope that Danfoss would be back at the Expo in person in 2023. He gave an update on Danfoss’ business achievements in 2021 and a preview of the challenges ahead in 2022. With increasing attention to climate change and reducing our carbon footprint, Galyen emphasized the importance of energy efficient heating and cooling technologies.

“Energy efficiency is our first fuel,” he said. “We have available, proven and under-deployed technologies that can have significant impact in the short term and these technologies are paving the pathway toward other future innovation. Every kilowatt saved today means a better tomorrow.”

Danfoss is well-positioned to help customers lead the way in energy-efficient HVACR systems, Galyen continued, noting the new technologies Danfoss has developed: heat exchangers, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), more efficient heat pumps and compressors compatible with low-GWP and ultra-low GWP refrigerants.

With the coming phasedown in HFC refrigerants, “Danfoss not only has the technologies, but also the knowledge and expertise to help our customers navigate this transition,” Galyen emphasized.

Galyen concluded his remarks by emphasizing Danfoss’ commitment to R&D and innovation, noting with pride that two Danfoss Turbocor oil-free compressors were recognized this year in the AHR Innovation Awards, bringing the number of Danfoss award recognitions to 33 in 18 years.

John Sheff, director of public and industry affairs, Danfoss.

John Sheff, Danfoss’ director of public and industry affairs, then shared insights around the evolving regulatory landscape and how Danfoss is helping customers meet these new challenges, particularly in the area of decarbonization and the move toward electric heat pump technology. Hans Ole Matthiesen, head of global refrigeration segment marketing at Danfoss, talked about Danfoss’ heat recovery technologies and the importance of heat reuse and recovery in reducing carbon emissions and showed demonstration cases in data centers, supermarkets and ice rinks, and Sankar Padhmanabhan, global applications expert in air conditioning at Danfoss, talked about Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) and how they play a vital role in improving indoor air quality and ventilation with improved efficiency by applying variable speed compressors.

The briefing also featured a recent Danfoss customer, Jae Chon, business development manager at Chesapeake Systems, discussing their installation of a new HVAC system with a synchronized hydronic loop at the Towson, MD courthouse, using Danfoss components. With Danfoss high efficiency scroll compressors, pressure-independent control valves of various sizes, HVAC variable frequency drives and WaterFurnace’s 80-ton modular heat recovery chillers all working together to adapt to the changing needs of the building and optimize efficiency, the system has resulted in a 55% decrease in total energy usage. The project earned Danfoss’ 2021 EnVisioneer of the Year award.

Galyen invited attendees to EnVisioneering Connect, Danfoss’ virtual product expo, scheduled for March 16. Media and industry executives will have the opportunity to hear from Danfoss’ product experts about the new technologies that will be at the forefront of the HVACR industry in 2022.

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