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WEBINAR: Effects of Radiation on Thermal Comfort for Indoor Spaces

June 5, 2019
REGISTER HERE for a special SimScale webinar on June 12 that will teach engineers how to simulate airflow in indoor spaces and investigate the effects of radiation on occupants’ thermal comfort.

Munich, Germany, June 5 SimScale today announced that it will host a FREE WEBINAR on Wednesday, June 12, at 11 AM EDT, to teach engineers how to simulate airflow in indoor spaces and to investigate the effects of radiation on occupants’ thermal comfort. SimScale Application Engineering Director Jon Wilde will be the instructor.

Screenshot of the post-processing results of an office’s CFD simulation—showing temperature distribution and particle traces (Source: SimScale)

For HVAC and civil engineers, the thermal comfort of occupants is a critical factor to consider when designing a new space or building. For many construction projects, compliance with official standards such as ASHRAE 55 or EN 15251 is also required.

In testing building designs, engineering simulation is often needed in order to investigate air temperature, radiant temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity—the main factors for engineers to consider when evaluating thermal comfort.

When setting up such a simulation, radiant temperature or radiation is one of the most important elements to be taken into account. As they reflect and absorb radiation, every component of an HVAC system can become a radiative surface. This makes it very important to simulate the airflow and temperature distribution in an indoor space, including the effect of radiation.

In a free webinar on June 12, SimScale’s engineers will demonstrate how this type of heat transfer—radiation—affects a building’s occupants and will evaluate thermal comfort parameters such as predicted mean vote index (PMV) and predicted percentage dissatisfied index (PPD).

Attending doesn’t require any simulation knowledge or costs. As for the software needed, SimScale provides free access to its Community account.

Register here for this webinar and attend on June 12. Registrants unable to attend the 'live' webinar will receive the recording via email.

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Contact: Netty Zaharia, Marketing Manager, [email protected]