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Editor's Note: New Year, New Avenues of Engagement

Feb. 8, 2021
Since 1929, HPAC Engineering has always strived to deliver the information you need, the way that you want to receive it. That commitment remains our bedrock.

Since 1929, HPAC Engineering has consistently served the evolving professional needs of the heating, piping and air conditioning industry, chronicling historic and fascinating technology developments across more than nine decades and over 1,000 print issues.

From project profiles and case studies to best practices, news and notes, and thought leadership on myriad issues important to the success of your business, HPAC Engineering has always strived to deliver the information you need, the way that you want to receive it.

In 2021, that commitment remains our bedrock. So as your interest and engagement in our digital offerings continue to grow, we are now expanding our multimedia activities to include several exciting new online products that we believe you’ll find engaging, interactive, and even more professionally helpful.

Starting this winter, we’re launching a new Podcast series, HPAC On the Air, hosted by yours truly. It will feature guest interviews with prominent engineering experts and thought leaders in our field. Online, we will also produce new monthly economic reports on key markets like schools, offices, hospitals, data centers, and more. Our first story on predictions for the U.S. Education Market is already available.

These new products will be augmented by monthly HPAC Quizzes where you can test your knowledge and even win prizes! At the same time, we will also ramp up production of new editorial-based Webinars and eBooks that will help to distill our coverage on such urgent issues as Indoor Air Quality, Occupant Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Boiler Systems Engineering, and more.

These high-quality, digital-based assets will only be available to our most loyal online subscribers through a new Members-Only “Premium Content” section on the HPAC Engineering website. But don’t worry, it’s free to join. All you have to do is register at Follow-up emails will help guide you through the simple process. Then, you will be able to gain full access to this exclusive content.

In alignment with these digital-based changes, we are also refocusing our print magazine by moving it to an every-other-month publication frequency — starting with this issue. This revised publication schedule allows us to continue serving your needs, as well as our advertising partners, in print form, as we’ve done for the last 92 years, while also allowing us to expand our digital coverage.

As this new year now restarts in earnest, we are thrilled to bring you these changes in the days ahead and look forward to hearing from you and incorporating feedback as we seek to serve our readers better every day. In the meantime, thank you again for your continuing faith in HPAC Engineering.

This is going to be a much better year than last!

Rob McManamy



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