Johnson Controls Releases Enterprise Management 2.0 Platform

June 18, 2019
The platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to proactively analyze building data.

MILWAUKEE, WI — Johnson Controls today released Enterprise Management 2.0, an open, scalable, comprehensive analytics platform with cloud-based versatility that enables enterprises to take a proactive approach to managing a building or an entire portfolio from a single pane of glass. The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s designation as “Industrial IoT Innovator of the Year” by IoT Breakthrough.

Enterprise Management is an energy, asset, occupant and tenant billing management system. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to proactively analyze building data across the enterprise and help customers identify opportunities to save money and streamline operations. Some features of the updated platform include:

  • Energy Management: Energy use – thermal, water, electrical, storage, carbon – can be tracked, analyzed and managed, allowing users to forecast energy usage in advance and adjust behavior accordingly.
  • Space Performance: Start with data for real understanding of building spaces and how they are used. Uncover underutilized spaces or get the true story behind complaints about conference room overbooking.
  • Data Visualization Widgets: Define a dashboard or use one of the available templates. This puts the power to predict, prioritize, perform, analyze, manage, question and share firmly in the customer’s hands.
  • Financial Health & Utility Bill Management: Track and manage each enterprise location with a broad view of costs and returns related to utility consumption, people services (such as cafeteria), space / infrastructure services (such as waste management), plus capital expenses – all in one easy-to-use app.
  • Asset Performance & Maintenance Management: The Asset Performance App uses Fault Detection & Diagnostics to put managers at the top of the data and at the top of their class. Generate and track work orders, review equipment fault trends, and converse via app with the customer – the Maintenance Management App solves issues and improves customer experiences.

“This upgrade to Enterprise Management 2.0 is such an exciting evolution in our portfolio, giving customers advanced answers for their enterprise in a proactive, customized and streamlined way,” said Terrill Laughton, vice president and general manager of Energy Optimization & Connected Equipment at Johnson Controls. “Enterprise Management is a great place to start a digital transformation journey and ensures the current and future needs of buildings are met. It is scalable which means we can meet the needs of one building, a portfolio of buildings of any size, or a global enterprise.”

In addition to gaining insight into utility and energy management, the platform supports apps to allow occupants and employees to have insight into and control over their environment. The occupant management apps include:

  • Companion: Allows employees to control their own lighting and temperature, navigate to and reserve building spaces – all using their smart phone. When connected to an access control system, lighting and temperature is automatically set when an employee badges in. Put control in the hands of the users and keep calls to a minimum.
  • Tenant Management: Accurately charge tenants for their individual energy use and give them visibility to monitor and manage their own consumption – it’s a win-win. Empower tenants to act on data and information in close to real time.
  • Kiosk: Share energy and sustainability efforts to inspire, engage and inform. Vibrant visuals share key sustainability data anywhere people spend time – in lobbies, elevators, cafeterias and more. Attract employees, engage occupants, inspire change.

An added benefit is that Enterprise Management is agnostic in relation to building automation systems, infrastructure, or service providers, meaning it can be layered into technologies or systems that are already in place and provide new insights without starting from scratch.