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Motor-control products, TeSys D 40A, 50A, and 65A contactors feature Everlink termination technology, which provides a direct connection to TeSys D overload relays and TeSys GV3P manual motor protectors without requiring an interconnect block. The direct connections also reduce wiring errors. Spring termination technology moves with the wire as it relaxes over time to reduce the need to retighten. At 55 mm in width and with an optional S-shaped busbar component for side-by-side mounting that allows assembly of a contactor and manual motor protector on the same DIN rail, the contactors are able to save space.
Schneider Electric
Circle 9

Low-harmonic drives

VLT low-harmonic drives attack current distortion at the source by performing real-time analysis and imposing currents as needed to ensure high-quality sine waves from a power-supply grid. Featuring a modular design, the drives are available in 132 to 630 kw for high overload, 160 to 710 kw for normal overload, 380 to 480 vac, and 50 and 60 Hz. The drives cause no increased winding stress and have no impact on bearing life. They provide users with a full readout of unit performance toward the grid, including a graphical overview of grid behavior. The drives continuously regulate network and load conditions without affecting the connected motor.
Circle 10

Drive system

Controlled by the CFW11 variable-frequency drive, the W Magnet drive system incorporates a W Magnet drive inside the motor, promoting a 52-percent reduction in weight and a 47-percent reduction in volume. With an output of 15 to 200 hp, the motors feature magnets inside the rotor instead of conventional aluminum-alloy squirrel cages. For applications in buildings or sensitive areas, the motors reduce noise to under 73 db(A).
WEG Electric Corp.
Circle 11

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