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Motors & Drives

EISA-requirements white paper

A white paper from Baldor describes the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), which will go into effect on Dec. 19, 2010, and its requirements for 1- to 500-hp alternating-current (AC) motors. The white paper gives an overview of EISA and answers frequently asked questions. Topics covered include efficiency standards, labeling requirements, and types of motors covered by EISA. The white paper also discusses how the company will implement EISA through its various lines of motors. Tables with full-load efficiencies of 1- to 500-hp motors are included.
Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 13

Drives brochure

A 16-page full-color brochure from Schneider Electric describes the company's Altivar 61 AC variable-speed drives (VSDs) for centrifugal-pump and fan applications. The brochure details the VSDs' design, mounting requirements, modular configuration, and energy-efficiency and environmentally friendly features. Selection guides for the drives and drive accessories are included.
Telemecanique by Schneider Electric
Circle 14

Variable-speed-drives guide

A guide from WEG compares the company's CFW-08, 09, and 10 VSDs. CFW-08 models are intended for the speed control of three-phase induction motors, CFW-09 models are for three-phase AC induction motors, and CFW-10 models are for the control and speed variation of three-phase induction electric motors. Features, applications, and specifications are included. A two-page table enables readers to compare the VSD models quickly.
WEG Electric Motors Corp.
Circle 15

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