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For mid-range fractional-horsepower applications, the ECM 142R motor is an energy-saving solution for split-system outdoor units, package units, or any prop-fan air-moving application requiring a ⅓- or ⅕-hp, 300-to-1,200-rpm motor.
GE ECM by Regal-Beloit
Circle 16

Motor-disconnect switch

The MD50 motor-disconnect switch provides safe and quick power connections and prevents process interruption by cutting motor power, if needed, while not affecting the main circuit.
Schneider Electric
Circle 17

Internal disconnect switch

A visible internal disconnect switch on the SMVector frequency inverter removes motor power to facilitate service and maintenance. Useful in decentralized “point-of-use” operations, such as fans and pumps, the switch reduces equipment costs by eliminating the need for a separate external disconnect switch.
Lenze-AC Tech
Circle 18


Efficient Super-E motors meet or exceed Energy Independence and Security Act mandates. Custom motor designs are available with up to 15,000 hp.
Circle 19

Motor/drive combination

A combination that can increase motor efficiency and double motor life in applications requiring variable speed and constant torque, AC induction motors paired with CFW11 inverters reduce heat buildup, double motor life, and reduce operating costs. The inverters have efficiency ratings greater than 97 percent.
WEG Electric Corp.
Circle 20

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