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Variable-speed motors

UltraTech four-wire, two-way-communicating, electronically commutated variable-speed motors and controls receive, digest, and follow commands and acknowledge that information has been received, resulting in improved system performance and reliability. The motors automatically configure and check system settings, so there is no need to look up and manually set settings.
— Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 104

Variable-frequency drives

VLT HVAC variable-frequency drives feature a modular design that allows users to buy precisely what they need for their application. The drives are available from 1.5 to 600 hp at 460 and 600 VAC and 1.5 to 60 hp at 208 and 230 VAC. The range of standard input/output can be expanded through factory- or field-installable ridged, self-identifying option cards that fit under a drive keypad.
— Danfoss Inc.
Circle 105

Adjustable-speed-drives brochure

A brochure from Toshiba describes how the company's VF-S11 IP55 adjustable-speed drives protect against harsh water environments. The brochure includes product features, a product photograph, a model and dimensions chart, and an explanation about IP54 and IP55 compliance.
— Toshiba International Corp.
Circle 106

Drive-bypass-system enclosures

A National Electrical Manufacturers Association-1 narrow enclosure is available for the E7L two-contactor drive-bypass system, which is designed specifically for commercial HVAC applications. The “I-beam” design enclosure allows for easier mounting in narrow locations. The enclosure is designed with the E7L touchpad control.
— Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
Circle 107

Variable-frequency drives

VTAC 9 variable-frequency drives now offer increased horsepower ratings ranging from 1 to 200 hp at 480 v and from 1 to 100 hp at 208 v. The drives feature an economizer mode, allowing them to automatically adjust output voltage during changes in load conditions.
— Rockwell Automation
Circle 131

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