Photo from Yanmars training last year Yanmar
<p>Photo from Yanmar&#39;s training last year.</p>

Yanmar America Energy Systems Offers Free CHP Technical Training

The Energy Systems division of YANMAR America is pleased to announce its 2015 micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technical training offerings. The 2015 training sessions are new and improved based on dealer feedback the company received. Training sessions will continue to be free for YANMAR dealers and those interested in learning about the product.

Class sizes have been reduced to six students per session. This will allow for a more “hands on” experiences, while the curriculum itself has been expanded to include full-day courses for more in-depth training. New to the curriculum is a full-day training course on the 10,000 hour maintenance interval, and training “tracks” will provide a focus on the training specifically needed to support engineers and mechanical contractors. These tracks include:

  • Engineering Track: Basic, Design & Installation and a Q&A session
  • Commissioning Track: Basic, Service Tools, Commissioning and a Q&A session
  • Full CHP Training: Basic, Design & Installation, Service Tools, Commissioning and a Q&A session

Students do not need to be employees of authorized YANMAR CHP Dealers to participate. Architects and Engineers who are actively designing other CHP products into commercial facilities are encouraged to participate in YANMAR technical training to improve the quality of the installed product for the customer.

Available micro CHP courses will include:

CHP Basic: Develop an understanding of the YANMAR CHP specifications for site design and servicing.
CHP Design & Installation: Develop an understanding of YANMAR CHP installation conditions for electrical and thermal site design and installation.
CHP Service Tool: Develop a working knowledge of the operation of YANMAR CHP Service tools (how to use the PC Checker, Remote Monitoring System and Software Update Tool).
CHP Commissioning: Develop a working knowledge of how to operate and commission the YANMAR CHP, as well as complete a commissioning report.
CHP 10,000 Hour Maintenance: Develop the ability to complete the 10,000 hour maintenance for CHP, as well as complete a maintenance report.

Training opportunities are scheduled for each month during 2015, and will continue to be free of charge to encourage participation in this invaluable learning opportunity. To learn more about the training sessions, see a schedule of dates or for more information, please contact Yoshinori Jodo at [email protected] or 770-548-2333.

YANMAR America is a recognized global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and diesel-powered equipment for a multitude of market segments, including marine and industrial engines, compact tractors, compact construction equipment and energy systems.

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