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Taco Introduces Viridian 3452 ECM Circulator for Commercial Systems

July 31, 2015
The VR3452 variable-speed circulator is part of Taco's Viridian family of electronically-commutated-motor (ECM) high-efficiency wet-rotor pumps.
Available Sept. 1, 2015, Taco’s VR3452 variable-speed circulator, part of the Viridian family of electronically-commutated-motor high-efficiency wet-rotor pumps, features an extended operating range, making it well-suited for a wide variety of chilled- and hot-water applications.

Up to 34 ft of shutoff head and 52-gpm flow are achievable. Features include auto mode (default), proportional pressure control, constant pressure control, constant speed, and night setback. The LED displays watts, flow, and revolutions per minute.

An optional communications module provides Ethernet and Modbus remote terminal units, 0-to-10-V analog control input, three inputs/outputs, one relay output, and main and standby operation.