GALLERY: Energy-Efficient Air-Movement and Control Products From Greenheck

The ever-growing demand for technologies, products, and services that support "sustainable" and "green" initiatives has changed the way building projects are conceived and carried out and how products are designed, built, and delivered in many industries. The call for energy efficiency; sustainable, clean sourcing of raw materials; and environmental responsibility requires continuous innovation and leadership. By carefully analyzing certification guidelines in the LEED new-construction categories Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality—as well as pertinent ASHRAE requirements and local codes—Greenheck has developed a list of its own products that can support building designers’ efforts to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency. 

A few of Greenheck’s energy-efficient products are highlighted in this photo gallery.

For more information on all of Greenheck’s environmentally progressive products, visit, and download the Greenheck Green Capabilities brochure.

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