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April 1, 2011

Pump-monitoring device

An intelligent monitoring device that provides an early warning of pending pump trouble to help maximize pump performance and minimize life-cycle costs, the i-ALERT Condition Monitor continuously measures vibration and temperature at the pump power end. The device uses two red blinking light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to alert personnel when a pump exceeds pre-set vibration and temperature limits so action can be taken before permanent damage occurs. A single green LED indicates when the monitor is operational and has sufficient battery life.
— Bell & Gossett, a brand of ITT Corp.
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Geothermal heat pumps

For spaces in which individual, quiet control of a heating and cooling system is important, Tranquility Vertical Stack Hybrid (TRW) Series geothermal heat pumps can heat or cool with loop temperatures from 85°F to 125°F. The compressor-based cooling cycle uses EarthPure (HFC-410A) refrigerant, while the hydronic heating cycle uses loop water for heat. Features include a removable chassis that allows for staged installation and ease of maintenance, double isolation mounting for quiet operation, and unit- or remote-mounted controls.
— ClimateMaster
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Split-system geothermal heat pumps

ECONAR two-stage split-system geothermal heat pumps are available in dual-fuel and air-handling models. Dual-fuel split systems are made up of a compressor and an air coil that work with an existing fossil-fuel furnace and ductwork. Air-handling split systems consist of a compressor and an air-handling unit and can replace a conventional furnace.
— Geosystems LLC
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Wet-rotor circulators

MAGNA variable-speed wet-rotor circulators include AUTOADAPT, a feature that controls pump performance within a defined performance range automatically, helping to ensure low energy consumption. The circulators have a permanent-magnet motor that reduces power consumption by at least 50 percent. When in operation, the circulators' noise level is less then 35 db.
— Grundfos Pump Corp.
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Water-source heat pumps

Suitable for new construction, renovations, and retrofits, horizontal water-source heat pumps can serve as exact replacements for any competitive products. Features include rotary or scroll compressors and a galvanized-steel chassis and thermal expansion valves. The heat pumps use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.
— Ice Age
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Water-source heat pumps

For single-zone environments in multiple-floor buildings, vertical-stack water-source heat pumps are suitable for senior-living facilities, dormitories, apartment buildings, offices, and hotels. The pumps minimize vibration and noise transmission to the cabinet and wall structure with factory-installed vibration isolators integral to the chassis support rails. A compressor mass plate minimizes vibration from compressor to chassis. For noise-sensitive applications, a compressor sound blanket is available for select sizes. The units have a footprint of 18 in. by 18 in. or 24 in. by 24 in.
— McQuay International, a member of Daikin Group
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Progressing cavity pumps

For general utility pumping applications, 331/344 Series motorized progressing cavity pumps can handle flows of up to 15 gpm and pressures of up to 150 psi. The pumps feature a cast-iron housing, a carbon/ceramic mechanical seal, a stainless-steel motor shaft, and a 60-hz, 1,725-rpm, enclosed fan-cooled motor.— Moyno Inc.
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Pressure-calibration pumps

PP10K hydraulic calibration pumps use a fully adjustable stroke control to allow for fast priming or filling of test systems and are compatible with most hydraulic fluids, oils, and water. A built-in pressure-relief valve and shatter-proof reservoir ensure user safety. For pneumatic applications, PP600 combo pneumatic calibration pumps can create a range of vacuum 28 in. of mercury up to 6,000 psi. The pneumatic calibration pumps allow users to choose slow or rapid pressure venting and feature a protective cage surrounding the vent knob for better control.
— Palmer Wahl Instruments Inc.
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