The 12 billion Santa Clara Stadium is set to open in 2014

Couplings Maintain Strong Joints With Rigid Seals for Prefabricated Plumbing

May 3, 2013
For the future home of the San Francisco 49ers, F.W. Spencer & Son prefabricated plumbing trees for more than 1,000 toilets and urinals.

With the ever-pressing need to expedite delivery of projects without exceeding budget, mechanical contractors increasingly are turning to off-site prefabrication of plumbing systems. Prefabrication allows contractors to identify potential problems before field work begins, saving time and money.

Plumbing trees prefabricated for Levi's Stadium.

While there are significant advantages to off-site prefabrication, system integrity upon arrival at a project site can be an issue. The ability to withstand transportation movement is imperative.

For the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., future home of the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers, Brisbane, Calif.-based F.W. Spencer & Son Inc. prefabricated plumbing trees for more than 1,000 toilets and urinals. To maintain strong joints with rigid seals while the trees were transported by truck to the job site, F.W. Spencer & Son chose Husky HD 2000 and Husky SD 4000 heavy-duty, high-performance couplings from Anaco.

Husky SD 4000 couplings.

Husky couplings were designed to withstand joint movement while maintaining full joint integrity. Their gaskets are molded from virgin neoprene and have a unique rib design that provides multiple lines of defense against leakage. Their band and shield design is made from high-quality 304 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and strength.

“By using the Husky couplings by Anaco, we are able to air-test the system at our manufacturing facility and then transport the complete plumbing systems to the building site without the worry that there would be joint failure,” Kevin Coyne, vice president and chief estimator for F.W. Spencer & Son, said. “The Husky product is able to withstand the vigorous transportation movement from our factory to the installation site.”

Engineered to last the lifetime of a building, Husky couplings are able to withstand deflection caused by normal activity to extraordinary forces, such as earthquakes. Features include extended shield width and additional stainless-steel clamps.

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