Taco SelfSensing Series pumps

Product Spotlight, Pumps and Piping, December 2013

Dec. 2, 2013
The latest pumping and piping products for HVAC system engineers.

Polypropylene piping

Blue Pipe SDR 17.6 faser-composite is now available 4-in. diameter. It is well-suited for chilled water, geothermal, and condenser water mains. Aquatherm offers its polypropylene pipe in standard dimension ratios (SDR, the ratio of pipe diameter to wall thickness) of 7.4, 11, and 17.6. SDR 17.6 delivers roughly 20 percent greater flow volume than SDR 11 and is less expensive and 35 percent lighter. Faser-composite allows the pipe to remain rigid at high temperatures and limits expansion/contraction. —Aquatherm

Chiller-plant control

The OPTI-VISOR is a relational control solution designed to improve the energy efficiency of chiller plants. It interfaces seamlessly with an existing building or chiller-plant automation system, providing the optimal operating settings for equipment such as water-cooled variable-speed chillers, variable-flow cooling towers, and variable-speed pumps on chilled-water and tower-water circuits. —Armstrong Fluid Technology

Refrigeration seals

Flaretite refrigeration seals fit all 45-degree flared fittings. They are designed to make any flared fitting permanently leak-free and still allow serviceability. Flaretite Seals are copper stampings coated with a dry-to-the-touch sealant. They are rated from –65°F to +300°F. They are compatible with all common refrigerants. —Flaretite Inc.

Socket fusion for PP-R pipes

The Spider 125 performs socket fusion on polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipes and fittings from 63 mm to 125 mm. A parallel link-drive system brings the pipe ends and fittings toward each other evenly and under control. It is well-suited for overhead, vertical, and tight work spaces. —McElroy Manufacturing Inc.

Fluid-flow diffuser

When placed upstream of an elbow in a fluid flow, Suction Diffuser Flex counteracts elbow-induced turbulence by rotating flow so it exits the elbow and enters the pump impeller in a smooth, flat profile. Suction Diffuser Flex minimizes pressure drops and increases pump efficiency and flow rate. It eliminates the need for a traditional suction diffuser, reduces pump vibration and wear, and maximizes pump operating life. —Metraflex

Self-sensing pumps

The SelfSensing Series with ProBalance integrates Taco KV or KS pumps with a variable-frequency drive to allow easy system balancing for both constant-flow central-plant applications and variable-flow building-distribution applications. During operation, pump power and speed are monitored, enabling an integral controller to establish hydraulic performance and position in the pump’s head-flow characteristic, providing accurate pressure control without the need for external sensor feedback. SelfSensing ProBalance pumps can be run in constant-flow mode, system-curve mode, and constant-pressure mode. —Taco

45-degree polymer elbow

The ProPEX engineered polymer 45-degree elbow facilitates directional changes in commercial piping runs at a 45-degree angle. Available in 1½-in. and 2-in. sizes, the elbow features Uponor’s ProPEX connection. which capitalizes on the shape memory of Uponor PEX-a pipe to create strong, durable connections that hold tight with 1,000 lb of radial force. —Uponor

Stainless-steel impellers

Goulds Water Technology and Bell & Gossett brand vertical-turbine impellers will convert from their previous standard of silicon-bronze construction to high-grade investment-cast 316 stainless steel (316SS). 316SS is known for its ability to resist damage caused by due to corrosion and abrasives. The transition includes 5-in. through 14-in. models in select high-volume product families. —Xylem Applied Water Systems