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Aquatherm Obtains Environmental Product Declaration for PP-R Pipe

Jan. 30, 2016
The EPD quantifies the environmental impact of Aquatherm Green Pipe, Aquatherm Blue Pipe, Aquatherm Lilac Pipe, Aquatherm Red Pipe, and Aquatherm Black System.

Aquatherm recently announced its polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems are the first piping systems in North America to obtain an environmental product declaration (EPD).

Developed in compliance with international environmental-management guidelines (ISO 14025), the Type III product-specific EPD was independently verified by NSF Sustainability, a division of the not-for-profit, third-party, global public-health organization NSF International. It quantifies the environmental impact of Aquatherm Green Pipe for potable applications; Aquatherm Blue Pipe for heating and cooling, compressed-air, and many industrial applications; Aquatherm Lilac Pipe for water-conservation and
 greywater systems; Aquatherm Red Pipe for fire-sprinkler applications; and Aquatherm Black System for radiant heating and cooling.

The EPD means use of Aquatherm PP-R pressure-piping systems will help designers and specifiers earn points under the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credit of LEED v4, which is expected to be implemented in October. To qualify for points under the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credit, designers will be required to show EPDs for at least 20 different permanently installed products throughout a building.

The EPD is based on a product-specific life-cycle assessment (LCA) prepared by thinkstep AG. The LCA demonstrates benefits in terms of global-warming potential, acidification potential, eutrophication potential, ozone-depletion potential, smog-formation potential, and primary energy demand.

To view the EPD, go to http://info.nsf.org/Certified/Sustain/ProdCert/EPD10069.pdf. To see the entire list of NSF EPDs, go to http://info.nsf.org/Certified/Sustain/listings.asp?ProdCat=EPD.