Titus Expands HVAC Training Program

Sept. 25, 2019
New training programs will include session on air distribution basics.

Most new engineers receive limited formal training on HVAC systems during school, leaving them on their own to seek out resources once in the field to gain the required knowledge and skills to be successful. Air distribution manufacturer Titus is enhancing its commitment to filling the educational gap by adding introductory sessions on air distribution basics to its three-day consulting engineer seminars (CES).

“By adding these 101 sessions, new engineers in the HVAC industry will gain a better understanding of the products used in air distribution, helping them to feel more confident to perform their jobs and ultimately, advancing their careers,” said Stephenie Ravenscroft, marketing operations manager at Titus. “Attendees can expect an informative, interactive learning environment, led by industry experts and, as with all our trainings, will leave with practical insights that can be applied to their current projects.”

Attendees of the new half-day training will learn the basics on grilles, registers and diffusers (GRDs), terminal units, fan coils and chilled beams with lab demonstrations. The remaining fall 2019 CES class will be held Oct. 16-18.

When asked about the benefit of adding an introductory course, an engineer who previously attended CES said, “Just to explain things on a very basic level is great for beginning engineers, along with getting the chance to see it all in person. I think having the introduction portion helps everyone get more out of the rest of the training, as well.”

The rest of the seminar will build upon this knowledge with sessions on designing different types of air distribution systems, such as fully mixed and underfloor, considerations for critical environments and designing an acoustically-sound space, among other topics. Attendees will obtain up to 19 hours of professional development credit.

All experience levels are welcome. To learn more about Titus’ training offerings, visit Titus University