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How Aqseptence Group Uses CFD and FEA from SimScale to Validate their Products

July 11, 2018
Sponsored by SimScale

Aqseptence Group is a leading global supplier of specialized products, equipment and system solutions for filtration & separation and water technology for various applications. Johnson Screens is one of the key brands of Aqseptence Group, and is well-known for developing screens in industrial filters, water wells, and architecture. We sat down with the Johnson Screens' Global Technical Advisor, Michael Ekholm, to learn how the collaborative and cloud-based engineering simulation solution from SimScale has helped them to expand the use of CFD and FEA across their company globally. "If you are looking to expand the usage of CFD at your company the justification part in any corporation is part of it. You have to justify the workstation, you have to justify the training, you have to justify the cost of the software. With SimScale it's a single payment or it's a single subscription, and then we can add a whole group of users quickly. It's more of a way of opening up CFD and FEA tools to the entire company quickly at a cost point that is far below any other tools that I have seen." says Ekholm.

For more insights from Ekholm, watch below.